2014 Thanksgiving Letter

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November 2014

Dear Friends of LeadersCove,

Giving thanks, being filled with gratitude, finding joy in the everyday moments of life as well as those major milestones – all of these are worthy of our focused reflection. When we are present and truly observing the world around us we open ourselves to possibilities and gifts. Truth be told, gifts are all around us, but they don’t exist until we recognize them – much like the tree that falls in the woods. I was given such a gift on election day.

Like many across this country, I was exhausted by the barrage of  negative political ads, and as the song goes, mostly saying ‘hooray for our side’. I was dismayed by the half-truths, the snide remarks, the lack of thoughtful debate.

In October I received a juror summons. I asked for an extension as I had signed up and paid for a 3-day conference on economic development in Colorado. My date was moved to November 4th. That Tuesday morning I headed off to the Jefferson County Courts. I arrived early, hoping to garner a table so I could work.

The coveted table was in the corner by a bank of large windows. My view outside was of a Jefferson County Ballot Drop Box. I watched as car after car drove up with the driver depositing their ballot. I forgot about the work in front of me and became transfixed by the number of cars – all kinds. Old, new, trucks, SUVs, sedans and motor cycles. From my vantage point I could see the drivers. There were seniors and moms – evident by the kids in the back. There were couples, there were construction workers, young people, men, women, a variety of nationalities, pierced and un-pierced, suits and jeans. The cars kept coming. At one point the line did stop as County staff emptied out the large bin. I was mesmerized by the assortment of my fellow residents.

And then I realized I had just been given a gift. My neighbors, my fellow Colorado residents still have faith – the strongest attribute we have as Americans. As much as we are disheartened at times with our leaders, our government and each other, we have faith. We can do more, we can do better. We still have the precious gift of voting. There were no police standing next to the Ballot Drop Box. There were no ranting mobs. It was an orderly procession of citizens casting their ballot for what they have faith in – us.

I am eternally thankful to be a citizen of the United States – for all of its flaws and all of its wonderfulness. I am grateful for the legion of volunteers in this country that go about making a difference. I promise to look around more intently for the many gifts before me and I promise to give more every day.

LeadersCove is committed to revitalizing leadership who in turn optimize the talents and gifts that exist within each of us.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Julia


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