Add Value to Your ‘NO’

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Recently I joined Strategic Connections, an organization affiliated with Colorado Thought Leaders Forum. We were having a discussion at our table regarding clients that are not a fit. The conversation led to th[7]how you tell the individual or company that you are not right for them. That you don’t want their business. One of the members at the table said, “I try to add value to my No. I’ll recommend another company or suggest some other resource.” What an excellent way to do business!

First, it’s a great reminder that it really is about the match, ensuring the potential partnership – whether an employee/employer relationship or a consultant/company relationship  is right for everyone. Sometimes it just isn’t.

Second, adding value to a No is about wanting the other person to be successful. Begin with intention and willingness to offer your knowledge, your resources. Freely give without requiring something in return.

Remember when you were on the receiving end of a No? Certainly the delivery style mattered, but what truly made a difference was when the individual offered alternatives, connections and ideas. You were important to them even if the match wasn’t there.

So, the next time you need to tell someone No, think about what you might be able to offer that will add value. Sure makes saying No feel better.


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