Are you a Multiplier or a Diminisher?

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I have the good fortune to participate in a great book club. It’s affiliated with Rocky Mountain Human resource People and Strategy – an organization of senior level human resource professionals. We meet every couple of months and discuss a book that one of the members has recommended. Our most recent read was Multiplies – How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, by Liz Wiseman. Simply stated, Wiseman asks us if how we lead and manage people diminishes them and their potential contributions to the company, or, do we lead and manage as Multiplies of the talent within our organizations. The book is filled with cases and specific examples of how to increase the multiplier within us.

Think back over your career and recall those supervisors who were Diminishers. They may have been very smart, very driven, but they didn’t get your best. They diminished what you were capable of giving. Now think about supervisors you worked for that were Multipliers. They were also smart and driven, but there was a difference. They were inclusive; they looked to the group for answers. They challenged you to bring your very best to the table, in fact they expected it. You also had the freedom to fail – as long as you learned from the experience and grew because of it. You were energized, committed and filled with the possible.

I can certainly think of times when I leaned more towards a Diminisher role – extremely tight time lines, or a staff team that did not yet have the skills for the task at hand – at least that’s what I thought. I hope that over the years I behave much more as a Multiplier with the goal of bringing out the very best that people have to offer and with the objective to reach the best answer, the best direction and the best set of results.

There is a great website that provides a wealth of resources on implementation of a Multiplier work environment,

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