Connecting Your ‘Why’ with Your Client’s ‘Why’

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I was recently asked to provide a presentation on the topic of change management for an upcomingthFJEDD3KS client conference. I was delighted with the request, in large part, because it gave me an opportunity to address the interconnectedness of change between a company and its client. Whether an organization is selling services or products, they are moving the client towards change. In some instances the purchase could mean enterprise level change or it could impact single departments. Either way, your ‘Why’ provides the foundation for demonstrating the ROI for both you and your client. A clear and compelling ‘Why’ is also a precious gatekeeper. Is there true alignment between you and the potential client? Misalignment has the potential to lead to a short-term and/or painful relationship – expensive one-off development efforts, unmet expectations, frustrated staff on both sides and lost ROI for everyone. Change is not cheap. Badly conceived or managed change is downright expensive. Does your ‘Why’ match up with the needs of your prospective or current client’s ‘Why’?

In a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review titled, How to Build a Strategic Narrative, Mark Bonchek talked about shared purpose. “This shared purpose is the outcome that you and your customer are working toward together. It’s more than a value proposition of what you deliver to them. Or a mission of what you do for the world. It’s the journey that you are on with them.”

Fully understanding your ‘Why’ is the business of everyone in your company. It should also be the business of your clients. Reverse your sights, do you understand the ‘Why’ of your most significant vendors? Is there alignment that translates into powerful synergies in which you both grow and support each other’s aspirations?

More next week. Please let me know what you would value in our continued conversation.

Take care, Julia


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