Republican or Democrat? I can’t tell!

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I received a wonderful compliment the other day from a colleague. We have worked together for the last several years on ath4GEVE9AF board whose  members are appointed by the county commissioners, lending appointments to be somewhat politicized. The individual said, “You know after all this time, I’m not sure if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. You seem to be just looking for the best answer.” What a wonderful acknowledgement for what I endeavor to do. Let me put it on the table. I am exhausted, disheartened and disgusted by the polarization of our two major political parties – both sides. To borrow from Geoffrey Moore’s phrase – the chasm has become broader and deeper, only increasing the odds for failure in moving our country forward. Stop! I am not an extremist and I do not wish to be governed by extremist. We need to build bridges based on listening to understand, we need educated dialogues and we need to shout Hooray for their side when their side comes up with a reasonable solution. As worn out as we may feel, the only way I know out of our current situation is to invite discussion with folks that don’t necessarily have the same labels that we individually hold and begin to consider solutions for the greater good. Compromise through collaboration – not by giving up or giving in.

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Would love to hear your thoughts. Please share how you are engaging to make your community a place valued by you and your neighbors. Take Care, Julia


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