The Art of Cascading Messages

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Last month’s blog, The Science of Cascading Messages, dealt with a few of the mechanics of how to cascade messages. As with any dynamic management process, the art of doing is what gives life to the science around it. Having clarity around the ‘why’ of cascaded messages helps to ensure the essence of meaning.

A recent article in the January 2013 McKinsey Quarterly, Increasing the Meaning Quotient of Work, by Susie Cranston and Scott Keller, addressed the meaning quotient, MQ, and the potential power of interactivity provided by cascaded messages; particularly when attempting significant change initiatives. Cascaded messages have the potential to gain strong momentum via the human exchange.

A few tips on the Art of Cascading Messages:

1. Understand the ‘why’ and have it embedded in your heart

2. The MQ of the message should provide excitement, a challenge and clarify the difference that will be made

3. Paint the picture with stories

Cascaded messages should not be rote, verbatim statements. Cascaded messaging should be used to arose involvement, commitment and, yes, engagement. We need to step back and take the time to be sure there is clarity around the ‘why’ and what we want to accomplish with our messaging.

Please share examples of cascaded messaging that significantly moved your organization forward.


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