The Leader Coach in You – Yes, You!

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As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. – Bill GatesFront Cover 4613095

Leader Coaches are an incredible catalyst in releasing the extraordinary gifts of their teams. Read on to learn about a great resource for Leader Coaches and ‘want to be’ Leader Coaches.

This past fall I was delighted to feature Morag Barrett’s book, Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships in a series of newsletters. I am pleased to follow-up with another series that focuses on a very special relationship. Leader Coach. These articles are based on a recently released book by Deb Siverson, The Cycle of Transformation, igniting organizational change through the Leader Coach. The relationship between a Leader Coach and an employee does in fact have the capacity to be transformational. I have had the good fortune of working for several Leader Coaches over the years. Not only did they make a difference in how I performed, they made a difference in how I felt about myself as a young professional and pushed me to move the bar higher.

If you now hold a title that assumes leadership, take the time to consider what that really means for you and those around you – up, down and across. Years ago at the age of 25 I was hired as the executive director of an inner-city branch of the YMCA in Pittsburgh. I can assure you that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I remember sitting in the ‘executive chair’ on my first day. I waited for new enlightenment to come down from the sky – great knowledge to match my new title. None came, a mild panic attack followed. What was I thinking? I wasn’t ready for this job! While there were no words of wisdom from on high, several Leader Coaches took an interest and guided me along the path. They provided many words of wisdom. Key attributes of these relationships were deep trust, accountability to commitments and helping to clear the fog, gaining insight into who I was and the ‘why’ of my actions. Through our efforts I became a successful leader and have endeavored to be a Leader Coach to many along the way.

Siverson does a beautiful job of painting the picture of a Leader Coach. A Leader Coach is someone who goes beyond supervision, beyond the daily management of tasks and far beyond the ‘once every six months’ sit down. Siverson hones in on the critical need for relationship with those who report to us. She states that, “Leader Coaches who promote a high level of alignment, or emotional engagement will do so by creating relationships built on trust, transparent conversations, and vulnerability between employees and managers. Until now, organizations have sought agreement, or at the very least compliance, with corporate vision and value messages. But those days are over. Employees want the relationship to be reciprocal. Refusing to recognize this is costing today’s organizations billions of dollars in discretionary effort.”

The Cycle of Transformation overflows with actionable frameworks. It is a must read not just for the internal Leader Coach, but also for those of us in the consulting field wishing to guide in such a way that makes a real and lasting difference for our clients.

In my next newsletter I’d like to focus on designing coaching agreements as defined by Siverson. In the mean time I would suggest you go on Amazon and order the book. You might also want to visit her website at


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