Notice That They’ve Grown Up? Amazing Transformations!

| January 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

I sat there in awe. Just yesterday, they were pulling weeds with me in my vegetable garden. Now they’re chemical engineers, teachers, financial advisors for businesses, air force pilots, medicalth9XSXWPWJ professionals, project managers. Over the last few months, whether through holiday letters or delightful visits, my husband and I connected with these young people and saw who they are now – amazing! We needed to re-calibrate our understanding of who they are today.

We need to consider the same re-calibration with our staff which I think is actually a bit harder since we see them on a regular basis. But, do we really see them. With the overwhelming amount of data we have to process, it is natural and necessary to categorize things and people. The problem with that efficient system is that people have the ability to grow and develop. Our perception of someone as a ‘junior’ member of the team may no longer be valid. Their experiences and initiatives may well have been the catalyst for significant growth.

How do you figure out if this transformation has taken place? Sit down with them over a cup of hot cider (it’s still cold here in Colorado) and ask them what they’ve learned, what they’ve discovered over the last year. Listen. And, don’t be surprised, they may amaze you.



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Julia Hill-Nichols, SPHR, is the founder of LeadersCove, LLC. With over 30 years experience in operations and human capital management, Julia is gifted in the art and science of bridging strategic imperatives and a company’s human capabilities—executing for success, meeting bottom-line objectives and enlivening the people who are the organization’s lifeblood.

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