Organizational Health, a 2013 Imperative

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The Conference Board recently released the results of their CEO Challenges 2013 survey. The subtitle, Countering the Global Slowdown, Optimizing Talent and Operational Performance to Create Competitive Advantage, underscores the imperative for healthy organizations. The top five challenges reported, by global ranking, are: 1. Human Capital 2. Operational Excellence 3. Innovation 4. Customer Relationships and 5. Global Political/Economic Risk. I was particularly intrigued by the first four challenges. These critical components, required to run any successful company, are exactly the focus of the Denison Culture Survey. This is the tool that I have utilized with clients and find to be significantly valuable to the bottom line. Here is the Denison Culture circumplex:

June 10 Newsletter PicUltimately, the Denison model and survey is a business tool for change. Accurately diagnosing specific cultural strengths and challenges is the first step in the change process, and allows individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole to identify a specific course of action.

While it is critical to have employees engaged in their job, we must look more broadly. What I particularly value with the Denison Culture Survey is that it asks employees not what they think about their own job and behavior, but that of the company as a whole. For example, an employee might feel they themselves are very customer focused, but when asked about their views of the organization, they believe the company is not at all customer focused. I believe the later perception is more valuable in understanding the culture of the company.

This is the first of a two part series. I look forward to continuing the discussion. It would be most helpful to receive thoughts and questions from you as I develop the follow-up newsletter.

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