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Denison Culture Survey

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ve seen it time and again – great plans that fail in execution and delivery of outcomes. The Denison Organizational Culture Survey focuses on four key areas: Involvement, Consistency, Adaptability and Mission. The survey represents 25 years of research – and provides the data and support you need to correctly align your culture to your business goals.

Denison-logoJulia has worked with local and global companies to help them better understand what is really happening and what people really think outside management’s conference room. This survey goes beyond employee engagement and focuses more broadly on the components that impact a business. The survey will provide surprises for management. “I thought the employees were generally happy, I don’t understand why we’re not rated higher?” Maybe the employees are happy, but they think the company is siloed and really doesn’t care about the customer. What data points are more important to you as a leader of the company?

As an Affiliate of Denison Consulting, Julia can guide you through the process of setting up the survey and guide you through an analysis of the data and facilitation of next steps.


LeadersCove LLC is pleased to offer the OPTM360 through a strategic partnership with the Talent Strategy Group. Marc Effron, President of the Talent Strategy Group and co-author of One Page Talent Management, Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value, has developed a unique 360 survey that is:

OPTM360-logo1. Focused,
2. Practical, and
3. Adds immediate value for the individual being evaluated as well as the raters

Here are key elements of OPTM360

  • Web-based
  • Fully customizable – providing a solid match to the company’s culture
  • Focuses on current behaviors
  • Prioritizes behaviors most critical to success, providing a ‘Do More’ and ‘Do Less’ scale
  • Focus is on the 3 most important behaviors recommended for change
  • Provides specific development recommendations to make the changes

Leading and Managing Change Programs

Change is constant. Change can be tough. Change is often viewed as negative. If someone says to you, “We need to make a change.” your first reaction is not, “Great! I’m ready.” In reality, the impact of change as positive or negative is determined by what change represents and most importantly, the delivery of the message.

Leading and Managing Change provides participants with 3 Skill Sets:

  • Fundamentals of Change
  • Making Change Stick
  • Responding to Resistance

quote-damicoFacilitating Effective Meetings Workshop

“We do not have conflict in our meetings.” Too bad!

The vehicle most often used to manage a company is a meeting. Meetings are where decisions are made. It is in meetings that management determines the best course of action to a crisis, new product line or market. Our best decisions are derived from looking at an issue from multiple angles, playing the role of devil’s advocate and taking the time to ask the “What if” questions.

This is a one-day, in-depth experience. Participants will gain a wealth of understanding and the tools to run effective meetings, with their teams and their customers.

Managing Conflict

Without allowing for conflict you will never gain real commitment. The ability to engage in constructive conflict is a crucial competency for our organization. It impacts our ability to make solid decisions, the execution of those decisions and in fact the retention key high-performing staff.

Utilizing the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), participants will be introduced to various conflict-handling modes, build their conflict management skills and learn how to use conflict-focused team building and intervention.

Five Conflict Modes



Please check back soon for more information about webinars.