Persistence + Relentless Execution = Core Success!

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I was staring out my office window, looking at the foothills, my mind floating around feelings of unease and restlessness. Where was this coming from? The past week was filled with meetings and conference calls related to several nonprofit boards, government boards and community groups. It had been wearing at times. I needed to re-group, throw away some of the ‘trash’ that was in my head, and if truth be told, in my heart as well.

I began flipping through a file of articles that I had found of particular interest, but had yet to take the time to read. (Yes, I am a paper junkie and love the hard copy.) In the midst of the dog-eared pages was this quote,

“When you are frustrated and exhausted and ready to say, “Enough!”, the voice of persistence says, “Not yet, we’re almost there.”
And when even the extra effort doesn’t bring success, persistence says, “We’ve come this far, we can’t quit now.”
And finally, persistence smiles and says, “I knew we could do it.””

I am always amazed how often, if I stop for a moment, ask for help and listen – guidance is given. Persistence, relentless execution, knowing what is core and adapting new ways to be true to the core. These are the things I hang my hat on. So, I picked my hat back up and am ready to go again. And as I think about it, much has been accomplished and ordinary people, like myself, are capable of doing extraordinary things, when working together.

P.S. I have tried in vain to determine the author of the quote above. If any of you know the origin, I would be grateful for the name.


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Julia Hill-Nichols, SPHR, is the founder of LeadersCove, LLC. With over 30 years experience in operations and human capital management, Julia is gifted in the art and science of bridging strategic imperatives and a company’s human capabilities—executing for success, meeting bottom-line objectives and enlivening the people who are the organization’s lifeblood.

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