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WhitePaperIconSelecting Winners: Developing a Selection Process that Optimizes Success

Selecting the right person does take time – up front. Not allocating your attention in the beginning usually guarantees that you will be spending more time on the other end – dealing with performance issues, lost opportunities and potential dismissal. This white paper outlines a structure that will increase your odds of hiring talent that ensures an excellent match to the company’s real needs and future aspirations.


polls_2hi41gl_0504_130810_poll_xlarge[1]The Art and Skill of Decision Making

The ability to make decisions that are timely, based on relevant facts and are supported by action, is a fundamental skill for any team, but most importantly, the leadership team. Have you lost good people, business opportunities or the level of employee engagement because of your company’s quality of style of decision making?


writing[1]The Playbook

Have you ever sat down and wondered about the structure of your company? How was it formed and where is it heading? Ever considered the importance of having a playbook for your organization? If these questions have kept you up at night, take a moment to read our white paper on developing a Playbook for your leadership and your company.


OPTM360-logoOPTM360 – A New Approach to 360sCreating Real Value for Managers and their Companies

Businesses need to develop and support managers with appropriate processes and provide reasonable bandwidth to develop relationships – tapping into the hearts and minds of their staff. Here’s the good news. There are processes and tools that are tailored to today’s work environment that can help. The new model for 360° performance evaluation is here – the OPTM360.