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Julia provides interactive presentations that are guaranteed to energize and educate. Your audience will walk away with ideas to ponder and next steps to act upon!

downloadspeakerskitAll presentations are customized for half hour and one hour programs.

Healthy Organizations

The Conference Board recently released the results of their CEO Challenges 2013 survey. The subtitle, Countering the Global Slowdown, Optimizing Talent and Operational Performance to Create Competitive Advantage, underscores the imperative for healthy organizations. The top five challenges reported, by global ranking, are: 1. Human Capital 2. Operational Excellence 3. Innovation 4. Customer Relationships and 5. Global Political/Economic Risk.

While it is critical to have employees engaged in their job, we must look more broadly. This presentation addresses how leaders can better assess the health of their organization and next steps to truly optimize the talent within.

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Smooth Sailing, or Choppy Seas – Making the Right Hiring Decisions, the Choice is Ours

The audience will gain deeper understanding and a set of tools on how to ‘up’ their hiring practices, especially for key supervisory positions. We will review three fundamentals in securing exceptional employees:

1. The Context – Painting the Picture: If you’re hiring a high performer they will be much more effective if you have articulated the vision. The job needs to be linked to . . .

2. The Objectives: What the heck are they supposed to do? Oh that’s right. They should . . .

3. Create a Culture of Accountability: We need to hold ourselves and the people we work with accountable and we can do that when . . .

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As the saying goes, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. The brightest and the best of our business leadership have found themselves and their strategic plans leveled by a culture unwilling or unable to support the vision.

This presentation will guide the audience on how to look at the multiple components of culture including a company’s ability to adapt, consistency in processes and the alignment of what leadership says and what leadership does. The one factor that competitors cannot duplicate is the quality of another company’s culture. We will explore the fundamental structure of culture through the Denison Culture Survey – an on-line, global instrument which provides powerful data for management. The framework of the survey itself will give participants instant value.

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Critical Functions of a Team

Okay, we’ll own up to it. Julia is a Patrick Lencioni geek. She has read all of his books, several times, most are autographed, she has been fortunate to participate in a program led by Pat that was the foundation for the critically acclaimed Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshops.

Julia has been leading these intense workshops for over 10 years. This presentation is designed to provide the audience with a glimpse of the Five Dysfunctions: Absence of Trust, Fear of Conflict, Lack of Commitment, Avoidance of Accountability and Inattention to Results. She is passionate on this topic and we think the audience will be as well.

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Looking for immediate, fundamental commitment from your organization? Create a Rallying Cry. Learn about the power of Thematic Goals.

The process of developing Thematic Goals was developed by Patrick Lencioni. It is an amazing way to help move your organization. A Thematic Goal pulls organizations together. It begins the process of breaking down silos and gathering together resources that give real weight to solutions. I never cease to be amazed at a Thematic Goal’s capacity to move the ‘fly wheel’. It provides focus, creates clarity and requires discipline. The process of creating a Thematic Goal gives life to strategies and business plans.

What you need to have in place:

1) A leadership team that is committed to each other and the company’s success…

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This is a great follow-up presentation to Critical Functions of a Team!