Are You Supporting Novel and Adaptive Thinking in Your Company?

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I recently attended a seminar led by Devin Fider, with the Institute for the Future, . The topic was a review of Future Work Skills 2020. An amazing presentation. The report analyzes six key drivers that will reshape the landscape of work and identifies work skills needed in the next ten years. These are important insights whether you’re a CEO, lead an HR Department or a parent of a third grader.

Hand-and-LightbulbI’d like to focus on one of the key skills, Novel and Adaptive Thinking. We all know that the rate and depth of change is staggering – no matter what your occupation. Whether you’re a software developer, a plumber, a manager of people or retired, you have little option, but to adapt to how you go about living and working. Those who are able to respond, with minimal anxiety, will manage. Those who not only manage, but are able to optimize the technologies, will reap greater benefits. It is, however, the individual, team or company who can take those new technologies and transform the resource into ‘novel’ ways of doing even more. They will be the real winners.

Novel and Adaptive Thinking requires an attitude and support of:

1.      Continual Learning
2.      Willingness to fail – often
3.      Curiosity
4.      Listening to others – from a variety of places in the organizational structure or physical location
5.      Asking good questions
6.      A collaborative spirit

I readily admit that there are days when I am overwhelmed by technology and long for the days of a #2 pencil and a yellow pad of paper. These fleeting thoughts are normally brought on by a printer that’s not working, hosting issues or the latest social media ‘thing’ I need to embrace. At those moments I dust myself off, straighten-up, and scour the neighborhood for a 13 year old that can spare me some of their time.

May your thinking be novel and adaptive,



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