Talent Acquisition is Back! Part II – Painting the Picture

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For those companies that understand the relationship of an organization’s health and its ability to survive the tough years, strategic and well executed talent acquisition processes never left. They may have been scaled back, but leadership knows the importance of attaining and retaining the skills needed to drive success. 

Over the next several weeks I would like to share three elements that absolutely make a difference in optimizing the productivity of your new hire as well as managing existing teams of staff.

First – The Context – Painting the Picture

If you’re hiring a high performer, they will be much more effective if you have articulated the vision. The position needs to be linked to the company’s goals. They need to understand the importance of their role, who the key stakeholders are for them and what really does define success.

Can you define success for the position? What does it look like?

Years ago I was working with a company that had a revolving door of front desk receptionists.

I asked the manager to define the job for me. He said that the phone had to be answered within 3 rings, no matter what. They had to ‘deal’ with the people who came in, and, ‘point’ them to the right department. The manager had never been satisfied with the performance of any of the hires. So I asked him, what was really important – what was the end result he was looking for?

He wanted the customers who called to feel they were calling into a professional organization that cared about them and their issues, a company that would go the extra mile to help solve their problems, and would really partner with them.

He wanted ‘high touch’ that would differentiate them from other software companies. That’s really why they had the position in the first place. The next receptionist he hired matched the picture. I want to share with you the impact that receptionist had on the company.

It was a Friday afternoon, the company’s major client called in – experiencing some serious problems with the new software. The lead project manager had left for the day and couldn’t be reached. The receptionist got up from her desk, tracked down another project manager who could help and assured the customer that the company would not leave them hanging.  The issue was resolved that evening. On Monday the client called the CEO and said, “I just want you to know that the reason I am still a loyal client with you is because of your receptionist. She really represents what you say in your brochure.”

My message – paint the picture. Articulate how, what this position provides, really matters. Match your expectations to your vision.

Pick a position in your organization and write down 3 things that would make you say, Wow, there is a great employee! Use the 3 Wows in your job description, in your interviews and in your performance meetings.

Have a great week.


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