Talent Acquisition is Back!

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Part One of a Four Part Series

The job market is rebounding. Are you ready? Listen in on a manager’s conversation with his boss – “Don’t worry, they’ll wait for us. We’re the ones with the job. The market is still tough”, said Dave to his boss. Three weeks later, “I really thought we had this one – I mean, it’s a great opportunity and they wouldn’t have to relocate. Look, I’m sorry. I just didn’t think they would take the other job. I know it’s a loss – and to our competitor. I promise, it won’t happen again”, said Dave.

The tide is, and in certain sectors, has changed. Talk with recruiters in the software arena. It’s heating back up.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to evaluate and tighten up your recruiting processes. A number of companies, who may have had solid recruiting processes in the past, have abandoned their practices over the last several years. The reasons are varied – cut back of the recruiting team and HR, restructuring, and perhaps most significantly, companies just have not been in the recruiting mode and organizations, like the people in them, lose skills when not used.

Let’s take a look at Dave. First mistake, he thought he had lots of time. Really good people, especially those that are passive candidates, don’t have to wait around for an opportunity. They are valuable in any market. His second and third mistakes were not having a solid process in place – expecting to ‘wing it’ and finally not investing the time it takes to produce a quality result – a great hire. More than likely, the review of resumes, interviewing and communication with the candidates, including the one he lost, were not crisp, disciplined and thoughtful. When hiring professionals, companies are committing to a significant investment.

If you were given $110,000 to buy a resource for your company, due diligence would be required. You would be very clear on the requirements – the needs that this new resource must meet. You would understand the specifications and you would check references through other buyers. You would also understand that the price and availability of that resource may change if too much time passes by. Bringing on a new ‘people resource’ requires the same discipline and more.

The next time you are about to hire, treat the process with the same detailed consideration you would give to any important project.

  •  Be very clear on the requirements and specifications
  •  Assign a team of 3 staff who know the position and can effectively interview – TRAIN THEM!
  •  Develop a timeline that includes appropriate communication and check in  – as they say, the devil is in the details

Next week we’ll talk about Painting the Picture – establishing a context for the position you’re about to hire. Painting the Picture is especially important for management positions that tend to be complex, fluid and placed within a matrix-ed organization.

Have a great week.


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    Excellent article Julia!

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