Trying to Buy Your Way to Success? Don’t Forget to Blend.

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Buying high potential talent can be like going to a really good grocery store. So many exciting choices and promises. Weth[3] have visions of a wonderful meal. When we arrive home with fresh vegetables, French cheeses and a beautiful piece of meat we realize that our job of preparing the meal has just begun. We have to put it all together. The ingredients need to complement each other, enhancing the flavor of each. Managers need to go about the purchasing of talent with an understanding that blending the new talent with the rest of group is critical. How often have you seen companies purchase exceptional talent that falls flat, short of expectations?

Time and again, studies reveal that star talent in one team does not guarantee the same level of performance on another team. It is the team, its strengths and its culture that supports those stars. Understanding the ingredients of the team that a candidate comes from is as important as understanding the candidate’s individual capabilities. If all of the ingredients – your organization’s culture, core purpose and core values are not a good match with the candidate, no matter their individual skill, you are doomed from the start. It would be like putting balsamic vinegar into a pumpkin pie. It just doesn’t work, even though balsamic vinegar is excellent on home grown tomatoes.

Once a good match is determined, the next step is spending deliberate time blending the candidate into the company. The overused statement of ‘must be a self-starter’ supports bad behaviors by management. Translated, it usually means, “I don’t have time to introduce you to your teammates, guide you on how to be successful in your job responsibilities or help you understand the culture of the company. Just do it!” How’s that working for you? If we want our people incorporated into the organization’s pursuit of success, we must be committed to blending them into the environment.

Whether you are Buying, Borrowing or Building talent – remember the all-important fourth ‘B’. Blend thoroughly. I would love to hear how you are blending your talent. Care to share?

Take care, Julia


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Julia Hill-Nichols, SPHR, is the founder of LeadersCove, LLC. With over 30 years experience in operations and human capital management, Julia is gifted in the art and science of bridging strategic imperatives and a company’s human capabilities—executing for success, meeting bottom-line objectives and enlivening the people who are the organization’s lifeblood.

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  1. Lisa Haas says:

    Excellent observation. I recently hired a new tech in my company who was wonderfully skilled but did not really mesh well with our other team members. Blend, blend, blend! Thanks for sharing Julia!

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